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Initiative form capitalizing on the prospects of tourism in the region

Association of hoteliers, restaurateurs and tour operators – Sandanski, with partnership with Federation of Hoteliers in Greece, University of Macedonia (/Research Committee/ Department of Accounting and Finance) and Union of the Rhodope hoteliers and restaurateurs, implements the project “Initiative form capitalizing on the prospects of tourism in the region” with the acronym CapTour, within of contract B6.3a.29 dated 06.05.2021

A CapTour project consists of a set of actions that will be carried out over a period of 2 years, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the key factors influencing the entrepreneurial success in the cross-border tourism industry. It focuses on the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of this sector because
their place and role in the tourism and hospitality industry, have a large influence on the socio-economic development of the cross-border region. In this relationship, the growth of tourism entrepreneurship is seen as dynamic factor for the development of local communities.

CapTour aims to:

  • Improving the entrepreneurial support environment for tourism businesse a sector that nurtures entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs (incl start-ups), by providing services tailored to their real needs (e.g. providing personalized support services) and through implementationof activities aimed at building business networks;
  • Strengthening cross-border business opportunities in tourism by implementin specific activities such as implementation of sectoral round tables, construction on networking business forums, study visits, thematic seminars and finally the creation of a business forum as a meeting place for businesses active in the value chain of tourism.
  • Improving skills and building capacity in the tourism sector, through implementation of trainings to increase skills, short sessions to increase the business skills, advisory group sessions and providing personalized support services, and business coaching for entrepreneurs.

Results and final press confenerence